Are you looking for ways to solve the incompatibilities arising from different communication systems?

How many different communication platforms have you tried by far? Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, just to name a few.

But what if you are trying to join the meeting from your office conference room? How do you connect with your customers who are using a different type of endpoint or a web service?

To solve this challenge, the key is


We introduce to you

Deltapath Universal Connector Cloud Bridge™

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Universal Connector Cloud Bridge seamlessly integrates different communication platforms. It acts as a translator in the cloud to ensure different communication modalities interact.

Explore from a H.323 or SIP open standard endpoint to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, SFB or a SIP or H.323 destination at ease. You may also call from a web browser to a SIP or H.323 destination.

Key Benefits


Provide video customer service right from your website


Offer a secure and simple way for your customers to call into your video infrastructure with just a web browser


Protect your investment by enabling your existing H.323/SIP video conferencing endpoints to call into Microsoft Teams Meeting and Google Hangout Meeting


Extend lifespan of legacy H.323 endpoints and infrastructure with our SIP to H.323 transcoding and translation gateway feature