Are you interested in improving the voice calls’ sound quality of your existing communication system?

Does your company already have a well-established communication system? Are you interested in improving the audio quality of your system to meet today’s business communication standards but not interested in going towards the rip and replace approach?

In today’s business world, customer experience is way beyond just customer service. Poor customer experience can be triggered by an event as simple as poor audio quality on a customer support phone call.

To solve this challenge, the key is

audio quality.

We introduce to you

Noise Cancellation Gateway

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Noise Cancellation Gateway acts as a filter. It identifies and traps all nonhuman voices to give you crystal clear audio over your business phone lines. With background noise filtered on both ends of a call, no matter how noisy the environment is, the call participants can always hear each other.

The gateway adds value to artificial intelligence (AI) work that requires the capturing and processing of large amounts of voice data. When voice data collected can no longer be interfered by background noise, an AI engine’s accuracy in interpretation and analysis can be significantly improved.

Key Benefits


Don’t Lose Customers Over Background Noise


Enhance your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with AI


Empower your voice assistants with AI


No impact to your voice or AI infrastructure

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