The Deltapather Newsletter January 2021

What’s New?

Deltapath has recently made a deal with PT Indosat Ooredoo Tbk, one of Indonesia’s largest telecommunication networks and services provider with currently around 63 million cellular subscribers. The company offers (prepaid and postpaid) mobile phone services, fixed voice (including IDD) services, fixed wireless and fixed telephone services.

Deltapath solution is now being considered in other Ooredoo operations. Ooredoo has operations in 10 countries across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, including Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Myanmar, Maldives, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, and Tunisia. 


Did you Know?

A Chinese beggar named Cui Xianren whose hands were ruined in an explosion spent a decade designing a new type of two-handed calligraphy. The result was so impressive that China’s largest font maker gave him a design contract with 50 years of royalties and helped to get him off the streets.

Who is this?

This month we will introduce you to no other than our own CEO, David Liu! We might all know him as our company CEO, few of us talk to him on a daily basis and a lot of us might not know him on personal level. In this newsletter we will let you know in deeper about his life and personality!

Interview starts:

What are your hobbies? Favorite food? tell us about the biggest risk/mistake from your life and what you learned about it? 1 random fact about yourself?

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