Do you find communication split between
multiple devices and applications?

From desk phones, mobile phones, softphones, to IM apps, web apps, collaboration
apps and even voicemails, our daily communication is fragmented like never before.

With information scattered all over the place, how can anyone be expected to keep track of it all?

To solve this challenge, the key is


We introduce to you

Deltapath Unified Communications Platform

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The Deltapath UC Platform integrates enterprise communications infrastructure and communication endpoints, from room-based conference, desktop-based solutions, web conferencing, to mobile devices, and offers different forms of communications, including text, voice, video, and screensharing, all under one cross-network platform.

When communication becomes efficient and effective, relaying the right information at the right time to the right people in the right manner will no longer be a challenge, but the de facto standard.

Key Benefits


Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)


Integrate all isolated video and conferencing islands in your network to make communication ubiquitous across all platforms and tools.


Flexible deployment options that suite your IT strategies.


Encourage communication across your organization by supporting multiple modes of communication for your workforce.


Stay ahead of the competition by impressing your customers.


Generate Revenue & Reduce Turnaround Time


Enjoy peace of mind with our security and compliance features.


Solve your business challenges with our industry solutions.

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