‘I'm heading out now, call or
message me if you need anything.’

If you are glued to your desk phone in fear of missing an important customer’s call or longing for your colleague to show up in office so that you can ask a few questions, that does not only sound old-schooled, but is also the opposite of a streamlined workflow.

In today’s age of flexible working environments and mobile workforce, being able to take and make calls, and get work done outside of the office is no longer a special arrangement, but a fundamental requirement.

To solve this challenge, the key is


We introduce to you

Deltapath Mobile App with Dolby Voice

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A fast, flexible and secure choice for you to engage in noise-free conversations and stay in touch with your team while you’re on the move.

Deltapath Mobile App with Dolby Voice equips your team to work from anywhere!


Interact with your team via IM group chat. Send or forward text messages, documents, photos, and videos to express your thoughts and ideas.

Enjoy studio-quality audio with background noise cancellation on every single call.

When someone calls your work number, your mobile phone will ring simultaneously, making sure that you will not miss a call again.

Initiate audio conference calls and perform meeting controls right from your app.

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