Have you ever thought about how Microsoft Outlook
could simplify your life even more?

As the remote workforce rapidly expands in today’s world, you may be one of the many who needs to participate in frequent conference calls with colleagues and customers.

At times of unprecedented lockdowns, the opportunity to virtually connect with someone face-to-face is as precious as can be. If only you could visually show others your ideas as the conversation flows, remote interaction may just be brought to the next level.

To solve this challenge, the key is


We introduce to you

Deltapath Outlook Add-in

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Deltapath joins Microsoft’s vision and is now offering the Deltapath Outlook Add-in to our Deltapath customers who use Microsoft Outlook. Get even more done right from your inbox without navigating to Deltapath Switchboard on desktop or the user interface from a browser.

The Deltapath Outlook Add-in is an extension of your Microsoft Outlook experience designed to schedule and manage virtual meetings and make calls extra easy for you. Once you install the add-in, it appears in the MS Outlook ribbon.

Key Benefits


Make a call from any email with a phone number in the signature section or body of the email.


Create and manage virtual meetings right in Microsoft Outlook with the Deltapath Outlook Add-in.