Are you tired of the clumsiness from carrying multiple devices when working on site?

Traditional walkie-talkies are standard devices for mobile workers in certain industries to stay in touch with their teams. Yet, holding on to multiple devices on-the-go may not only increase burden but also impact productivity.

The right tools should allow your team to do more with less.

To solve this challenge, the key is


We introduce to you

Deltapath inTeam App

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Deltapath inTeam is an all-in-one mobile app with push-to-talk capabilities available over Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE cellular data. The app on your cell phone reduces the need for workers to carry around an extra device.

It can also be integrated with in-house management and dispatch systems to streamline workflow and boost productivity and response time benefiting various industries especially in time-sensitive and critical situations.

Instant communication with multiple parties without the need to execute multiple steps to start a conference call

Send and receive real-time information with mobile workforces at ease

Key Benefits

smartphone showing inTeam mobile app

Enjoy push-to-talk functionalities on your mobile phones over wi-fi and cellular network

Customize incident and alarm notifications to achieve maximum impact

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