Have you considered how saving lives
and caring for patients could be made easier?

In the unprecedented era of coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide situation of depleting resources and increasing pressure on healthcare systems is as serious as can be.

Long-standing conditions of healthcare staff shortage, that leads to high stress and exhaustion levels among healthcare professionals would only make the pressing situation even worse.

To solve this challenge, the key is

Workflow Integration.

We introduce to you

Deltapath Acute App

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Deltapath Acute App is an all-in-one healthcare communication app that integrates with in-house nurse call systems. As a patient presses a nurse call button, important patient information are transmitted to the mobile phones of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals can respond to nurse calls based on their physical proximity to the patients, significantly channeling wasted energy into higher operational efficiency and improved quality of care.

Consolidation of critical patient information

Associate nurse call buttons with different priority levels

Key Benefits

smartphone showing acute mobile app

Minimize stress and exhaustion for healthcare professionals

Integrated with panic value system

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